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Sea of Cortez 810

Family Carangidae
Jacks and Pompanos
Class: Actinopterygii (ray-finned)
Order: Perciformes

Key Features:
The body of jacks and pompanos is generally compressed but there is great variability in shape.  Reef dwellers often deep-bodied, while many pelagic predators are almost torpedo shaped.   Many openwater species resemble tuna.   Small cycloid scales are often the only scales present.  Most have 2 dorsal fins, and many species have modified lateral line scales into spine-like scutes.   The caudal peduncle is slender and in most openwater species, the tail is deeply forked.   

Notable Species in the Sea of Cortez

Trachinotus rhodopus
Gafftopsail Pompano
Selene brevoortii
Mexican Lookdown
Caranx lugubris
Seriola lalandi dorsalis
Yellowtail Jack
Seriola rivoliana
Almaco Jack
Caranx speciosus
Golden Jack
Nematistius pectoralis

Selene brevoortii photographed scuba diving in Puerto Penasco, Sonora Mexico, by Olin Feuerbacher

Selene brevoortii
Mexican lookdown


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Family Carangidae
Jacks and Pompanos



Updated August 28, 2009

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