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Family Gobiesocidae
Class: Actinopterygii (ray-finned)
Order: Gobiesociformes

Key Features:

Uniquely suited for survival in high wave energy environments, clingfish are oddly shaped bottom-dwelling fish.  With fused pelvic fins that form an extremely strong sucking disc and a dorsal-ventrally compressed body they are able to withstand substantial water movement.  Many are also able to survive out of water for several days if kept moist, thanks in part to their ability to produce large amounts of mucus.  While most are found in shallow water or intertidal environments, a few have adapted their suction capabilities to surviving on hosts, most notably echinoderms such as urchins and crinoids. 

Notable Species in the Sea of Cortez

Tomicodon humeralis
Sonora Clingfish
Tomicodon boehlkei
Cortez Clingfish
Tomicodon zebra
Zebra Clingfish
Tomicodon myersi
Blackstripe Clingfish
Tomicodon eos
Rosy Clingfish
Gobiesox pinniger
Tadpole Clingfish
Gobiesox schultzi
Smoothlip Clingfish
Gobiesox adustus
Panamic Clingfish
Gobiesox papillifer
Bearded Clingfish

gobiesox pinniger, tadpole clingfish in Baja, Sea of Cortez, Mexico

Gobiesox pinniger
Tadpole Clingfish


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Family Gobiesocidae



Updated August 28, 2009

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