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Stegastes flavilatus

Beaubrummel Sea of Cortez Stegastes flavilatus

Description and Size
Juvenile stage to 2 inches (55mm), adults to 4 inches (102mm)
As juveniles, the beaubrummels are a beautiful bicolor.  The dorsal half is iridescent blue while the rest of the fish is a bright yellow.  Adults are similar in overall appearance to Cortez damselfishes.   

Identifying Features
Juvenile beaubrummels, besides their bright coloration, may be identified by a dark blue spot at the rear of the dorsal fin.  Adults look much like Cortez damselfishes, but are often more of a light tan color with a tinge of yellow in the fins.   

Central Sea of Cortez, south to Ecuador
Rocky reefs, most often shallower than 50 feet.  However, it is not uncommon to find aggregations, especially of large juveniles, at depths to 150 feet. 

Behavior and Ecology
Similar to the Cortez damselfish, the beaubrummels are highly territorial and aggressive fish as adults.  Juveniles are more prone to associate in small aggregations than are the Cortez damselfish. 

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